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About Ramdan Competition 2014

MuslimVille Ramadan Competition is for children in Junior Kindergarten to grade 8. The series of programs – Activities Challenge, Smart-Cool Week, Little Sadaqa in Ramadan and Knowledge Competition – are designed to keep you and your children actively engaged during the month of Ramadan.

The competition seeks to expand your child’s Islamic knowledge and activities. The holy month of Ramadan was chosen for this competition because it gives parents and teachers a unique opportunity to come closer to their children and students. We find ourselves being more conscious of doing good, setting goals to become better Muslims, and building habits we hope to carry out for the rest of the year.

First organized in Toronto in the year 2002, this competition has now drawn in participants from all over the world. The program is offered online and organized by our volunteers in various cities.

To organize the competition in your school, masjid or community contact us.

This Years Theme

Competition Details

Keep track of all the good activities that you do each day for the whole month of Ramadan.

Each activity that you do is worth a certain amount of points. Use the point system on page 4 to assign points for an activity. At the end of each day, add up the points that you have collected by doing good activities. For example, if you performed all 5 prayers, donated $1 to the mosque, and memorized 1 verse from the Qur’an in a day, you will have earned a total of 45 points (25+10+15) according to the point system (shown below).

Note your added up points for the day on the Activities Challenge calender..

The next day, try to increase the good activities you do so you can collect more points!

Submit your calendar along with your Activity Challenge report online after loggin to this website by August 1.

NOTE TO PARENTS: Encourage your child to be more active as a Muslim. Encourage them to maintain the Ramadan Activities calendar and keep track of all their good activities during the month of Ramadan.

The age of the participant will be taken into consideration while evaluating their point collection.

Activities Challenge Point System

15 Points :

  • Five daily prayers on time
    (Kids under 8 may receive 5 points per salah)
  • Memorization an Ayah from the Quran
  • Memorization of a Hadith
  • Memorization of a supplication/ Dua
  • Studying the Islamic Knowledge Competition Study notes (page 7) for at least 15 minutes.

10 Points :

  • Attending an all-day Islamic program
  • Attending weekend Islamic school
  • Participating in an Islamic program (such as volunteering/delivering lecture/ presentation)
  • Writing an Islamic story poetry/article
  • Volunteering in a mosque or any Islamic program
  • Donating from your own money
  • Drawing Islamic pictures
  • Preparing Islamic Posters

5 Points :

  • Attending a half-day Islamic program
  • Not watching TV for the day
  • Helping parents during Iftar
  • Helping parents during Suhur
  • Visiting a sick person
  • *Reciting an Ayah of Quran.
  • *Reciting a Hadith
  • *Reading one page of an Islamic literature

4 Points :

  • Memorizing an Islamic song poem
  • Telling an Islamic story to younger brother or sister
  • Inviting a friend to an Islamic program
  • Visiting and Islamic Web-page

2 Points

  • Helping parents for more than 1/2 hour
  • Cleaning own room
  • Gardening 1/2 to 1 hour
  • Cleaning teeth at least 2 times
  • Sharing game/toys with others
  • **Reciting verses from Quran (2 points per verse)
  • **Reading Islamic literature (2 points per page)

*(for kids of age under 8)
**(for kids of age above 8)

Saturday July 12 to Friday July 18, 2014 is Smart-Cool Week.

In this week turn off of your television, do not play games on your devices or spend screen-time on your devices watching movies or shows.

Plan ahead to devote this week to your creativity, productivity and learning.

Plan to do extra good activities that week and make an Islamic project or artwork.

For example, you can:
• make a model
• make a powerpoint presentation
• make a computer drawing
• draw a picture
• write an article
• write a song
• write a poem
• keep a journal

Submit your work after looging into this site. You are encouraged to include a description of your project as well.

At the end of Ramadan, fill up the Smart-Cool Week Report and submit after logging into this site.

All submissions must be done by August 1.

The Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, said, “The one who cares for an orphan and myself will be together in Paradise like this,” and he held his two fingers together.

This is a program by the children for the children to encourage caring for others. Throughout Ramadan, children raise money for the needy and the poor. Their efforts are used to provide food, shelter, healthcare, education and emotional support to orphans around the world through ICNA Relief Canada.

Since 2006, the donations from our participants is being used to sponsor 27 orphans from Canada, Indonesia, Kashmir, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Kenya.

This program aims to expand your Islamic knowledge. Participants should study from the notes prepared by MuslimVille below, and memorize the Surah, Duas and other items listed for their group during the month of Ramadan. The study notes are unique for every year and separate for every age group.

This program is a great way to be engaged in Islamic learning during the month of Ramadan. In addition, learning from the study notes is a great way to collect points for the Ramadan Activities Challenge!

At the end of Ramadan, on Aug 3, there will be a written or verbal Final Test depending on your grade to test your Islamic knowledge. You will also have to complete a Study Evaluation Sheet online by July 25.

Final Test (50 marks) :

Online (for Grades 3 to 8): Sunday Aug 3, 2014 10 A.M. EST to 1 P.M. Participants can start anytime between 10am and 1pm, but must finish within 1 hour of the start time. Click here for sample test.

Participants can obtain their password via loggin into to this website.

Verbal (JK to Grade 2): MuslimVille will conduct the test over the phone on Sunday Aug 3, 2014 10 A.M. EST to 1 P.M. Participants will be contacted during this period of time for the verbal test which will take 15 to 20 minutes for each participant. The verbal test is a random set of questions and recitations from the study notes.

Evaluation Sheet (50 marks) : Participants have to submit an Evaluation Sheet [Coming Soon] online. This an open book quiz based on the study notes. Participants are also advised to study the Book of Manners. The Evaluation Sheet must be submitted online by July 25. Note: Participants must understand that they have to answer the questions on their own.

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Important Dates

Prizes will be Mailed By: Sept 28, 2014

Winners 2014

Grand Prize

Group A
Hyqah Shaheen, MV2014318, Manchester UK

Group B
Mu'adh Shariff, MV2014343, Scarborough Canada

Group C
Kareem Rammah, MV2014302, Brampton Canada

Group D
Farhan Jarif, MV2014739, Toronto Canada

Group E
Ayesha Mohammedally, MV2014797, Mississauga Canada

Top Prize

Group A
Juwairiah Athar, MV2014534, Milton Canada
Abdussalam Khan, MV2014726, Mississauga Canada
Lina Siddiqui, MV2014784, Markham Canada
Wafa Rahma, MV201470, Scarborough Canada
Rokaya ElGammal, MV2014526, Windsor Canada
Aisha Funmilayo, MV2014747, Houston USA
Muhammad Abdur Rahman, MV2014333, Toronto Canada
Wamia Ihsan, MV2014544, Calgary Canada
Husna Khan, MV2014347, Cupertino USA
Hasan Mohamed Rifath Paragahadeniya, Weuda, MV2014688, Sri Lanka

Group B
Zaynab Mohiuddeen, MV2014110, Sunnyvale USA
Leena Mughal, MV2014150, Mississauga Canada
Wasiq Zaman,MV2014109, Brampton Canada
Amina Mohiuddeen, MV2014111, Sunnyvale USA
Hanifa Sultana, MV2014192, Toronto Canada
Amatur Rahman, MV2014332, Toronto Canada
Safa Khan, MV2014346, Cupertino USA
Habiba ElGammal, MV2014525, Windsor Canada

Group C
Saarah Urooj, MV2014161, Toronto Canada
Walija Ihsan, MV2014543, Calgary Canada
Fakaiha Zaheed, MV2014364, Cambridge Canada
Khadeeja Rizwan, MV2014256, Ottawa Canada
Ziyad Emara, MV2014358, Windsor Canada
Maariya Quavi, MV2014463, Etobicoke Canada
Khondoker Zaafir Bin Anowar, MV2014645, Houston USA
Zaynab Khan, MV2014546, Plano USA
Walid Akrem, MV2014129, Toronto Canada
Sidra Anjum, MV2014196, Oakville Canada
Faatimah Ismail-Adebiyi, MV201485, Dhahran Saudi Arabia
Norhan ElGammal, MV2014523, Windsor Canada
Arooba Ahmed, MV2014101, London Canada
Maryam Gbadamosi, MV20147, Seabrook USA
Maruf Ahmed, MV2014191, Toronto Canada

Group D
Omar Rammah, MV2014301, Brampton Canada
Farha Ahmed, MV2014731 Calgary Canada
Ahmed Muneeb Irshad, MV2014105, Toronto Canada
Samarah Siddiquee, MV2014257, Scarborough Canada
Faraiha Zaheed, MV2014365, Cambridge Canada
Kadriya Ghyasi, MV201471, Waterloo Canada
Hassan Javed, MV201478, Mississauga Canada
Ibrahim Ismail-Adebiyi Dhahran, MV201484, Saudi Arabia
Binyat Akrem, MV2014128, Toronto Canada
Omar El-Sharif, MV2014620, Windsor Canada
Yousef Emara, MV2014359, Windsor Canada
Moeen El-Sharif, MV2014619, Windsor Canada
Khondoker Zulkifl Bin Anowarm MV2014644, Houston USA

Group E
Fatima Abidi, MV2014461, Scarborough Canada
Maryah Shaheen, MV2014319, Manchester UK
Amina Urooj, MV2014162, Toronto Canada
Ahmad Rammah, MV2014300, Brampton Canada